What They're saying...

"I love your products. My hair stylist says my hair is so much more healthy now. And I'm 62 years old...Lisa"

"Being someone with fine hair with absolutely no body I was so excited to find James Lynne Hair Care products! I was so nervous to try new hair products, as I am loyal to what I have been using, but it was so expensive. I wanted to try something different. I went on a vacation down to Florida and I tried the perfect travel size kit, shampoo and conditioner, and was surprisingly amazed! My hair responded so wonderfully when I combed it out, I couldn’t believe it! Then I thought well I am going to try the finishing spray. When I first used the finishing spray, It went on sticky, and I got nervous. But to my surprise, it immediately dried and was not stiff!! The hold was amazing, and I could comb it out easily, which was also in my opinion nothing short of a miracle! But what was really amazing to me is the next day when I combed my hair, I had a miraculous amount of texture in my hair that was soft from that spray! I am completely sold on these products !! When you have fine hair like mine with no body you switch to the product that will make a difference !!!! I say to all you women that have fine hair give this hairspray and these hair products a try.!!!!...Julie"

"Really liked the shampoo and conditioner, brushed wet hair with no tangles! Smells awesome too! Serene was really light in my hair and gave it shine. Elevate, also lightweight, held the curls very nicely. Have been looking for salon quality products, so glad I found you!...Jenny"

"I just want you to know we have used scruples for years in our salon, but we LOVE your product. We think it is even better than the scruples...Holly"

"I LOVE THE HAIR PRODUCTS!!!! I used them this morning and my hair feels so soft without being weighed down and flat to my head ❤️❤️❤️❤️...Jan"

"Love how Serene makes my hair so smooth and shiny when using my curling brush!  And, Elevate to keep those cowlicks in control...I really do love these products!...Beth"

"I've been using the Shampoo & Serene Gel...really like how I don't feel like I even need conditioner after using the shampoo.  And the scent! So good!...Denise"

"I wanted to let you know I used the shampoo, conditioner and elevate.  Love my hair today!!   My hair is super soft and has body without getting frizzy, which is what usually happens when I use products that add body and any kind of product usually makes my hair greasy but at the end of the day my hair still looks good!  Oh and they smell great too!  I am excited for you and for me!!...Beth"

"I am loving my Products! JL Serene, Texture and Elevate are great depending on how I want to style my curly locks. Love the product quality and can't wait for what's to come in the line...Tracy"

"Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! This is the finest texturizing paste I have ever used! Thank you so much from all of us who demand the very best hair products! ❤❤❤...Mary Lou"

"James Lynne Hair Care - wow !!!!!!! Absolutely love love love this product!!!!! (JL Serene) I used to use scruples smooth out. I couldn’t find it for the last two years. One of the hair supplies stores told me about this product. I tried it and love it !!!! I have had so many compliments on my curls . And I have curly unruly frizzy hair. I will definitely be telling everyone I know about this product!!!!!!"....Roxanne

"JL Texture - A must have in your self-love routine. This product makes the difference between a good hair day and an awesome hair day. Thank you JL for standing behind your products....Heather"

JL Texture - "It is working and is fabulous! My grandmother is so thrilled to have her hair very styled and staying in place…because of your kindness in reaching out! God Bless You! Thank you so much for such an excellent product!❤️😊...Mary Lou"