Just because the busiest sale weekend is over, doesn't mean the sales are done!

Make sure to protect the style you worked hard to get - FREE 8.5oz Shield (finishing spray) with the purchase a JL Travel Kit!

Now through 12/31/2023 ALL orders include FREE Shipping (no min.)

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Does your Salon or Hairdresser carry James Lynne Hair Care products? If so, we'd prefer you purchase our products from them directly.

If they don't, we'd love for them to start carrying our products. Please contact us so we can share James Lynne with your favorite Salon or Hairdresser.

Are you a Salon or Hairdresser? You can purchase the James Lynne Hair Care products from your Distributor. If your distributor doesn't carry our product, you can contact one of the following:

Reliable Beauty Supply, Wisconsin

Ray Kerns Beauty Supply, Michigan

Smith's Beauty Supply, New York

Iorio Beauty Supply, Pennsylvania

Beauty Bell, Minnesota

  • Want to know which product is right for your hair?

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Want to know which product is right for your hair?

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Why James Lynne Hair Care?

We started James Lynne Hair Care to address the growing need for trusted, proven formulas (and service) that people have been missing.

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Note: If you are a Distributor, Hairdresser or Salon, please contact us via for special pricing.

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