JL Product Benefits

   JL Texture (paste):  Provides a level of hold which is going to be more in the range of a moderate-firm hold but will add control and a great deal of texture. Hold will be very flexible and not firm as in a gel-product type hold.

   JL Elevate (sculpting glaze):   A sculpting glaze, which is a lightweight, water-soluble formula that is designed to give your hair lift & body without any heaviness.  Adds style to your hair while providing a lasting hold.

   JL Serene (smoothing gel):  A smoothing gel designed to help keep the frizz under control & let your curls be the star. This formula helps condition your hair while providing a softness and shine your hair craves.

   JL Nourish S (shampoo):  Helps nourish your hair. Sulfate-free and gentle for all hair types. Argan helps promote healthy, shiny hair.
   JL Detangle C (conditioner):  Fresh, daily, light conditioner that detangles your hair, leaving it smooth & restoring shine. Can be used on all hair types.
   JL Shield (finishing spray)

Botanical extracts chamomile and bamboo help your style shine. Keratin penetrates your hair to restore strength and reduce breakage. UV protection helps minimize color fading due to the harsh, damaging effects of the sun.

Water Soluble - Heat Activated - Finishing Spray for added Texture and hold

 Additional Benefits:

  • Panthenol - helps hydrate hair and blocks frizz
  • Propylene Glycol - preserves moisture and blocks frizz
  • Keratin Amino - strengthens hair and provides antioxidants
  • Dimethicone - forms a barrier on hair strands to protect from moisture loss
These humectants will ensure protection from heat up to 450 degrees. 
* keep in mind that using heat protectant does not completely prevent heat damage, especially if styling often *