Holiday Blizzard!

From 11/29/22 through 12/15/22 - JL Travel Kits - $18.00 each!

Perfect for your travel plans, stocking stuffers & holiday gifts (keep some on hand for hostess gifts for your holiday parties!)

PLUS - Purchase four JL Travel Kits & get one FREE!

Why James Lynne Hair Care?

We started James Lynne Hair Care to address the growing need for trusted, proven formulas (and service) that people have been missing.

As we continue to bring your favorite products back to life, sign up below for email updates to make sure you stay on top of product launches! We can't wait to get the following products into your hands (or onto your hair!) JL Elevate, JL Serene, JL Nourish S (shampoo), JL Detangle C (conditioner), and JL Texture

Note: If you are a Distributor, Hairdresser or Salon, please contact us via for special pricing.